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Specialized in Portraiture. Experience with Headshots, Portraits, Glamour, Event, Production Stills, Special Occasion, Children. Self-Portrait Artist.


Experience As Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, Coordinator, Art Direction, Continuity, Hair & Make-Up, SFX Make-up, Continuity


Experience With Graphic Design, Front-End Web Development, and more. She’s appeared in Comedy Central’s STELLA, 236, and Frontpage Films.

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© Anya Garrett 2014

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Over the past decade, this published photographer and award-nominated filmmaker has documented countless NYC comedy shows and photographed and filmed thousands of comedic performers. She currently produces the weekly stand-up show ‘Lasers in the Jungle’ at UCB East. In her spare time she enjoys laughing, dancing, singing, organizing, decorating, and gerunds.

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© Anya Garrett 2014

Based in Brooklyn, NY

Email: anya@anyagarrett.com

Web: anyagarrett.com